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Cleaning business. Part 3.

The missing part was the passion. I have been always really passionate about what I was doing. I never really worked in the office climbing the ladder as this was where my degree would place me. When you are on your own, you would not be moving without a fuel. There is no external motivation like a boss who would assign you to do something and then check if it was done. Actually, I had a fuel but just not a long-term one. My fuel was the desire to survive and make money and b

COVID 19 transformation. Part 1.

I would like to start my writing journey with my transformation story. I believe I am not the only one who ended up with the insights and life-changing resolutions and actions after the lockdown due to the pandemic. It looks like the humankind needed this shake to wake up and become authentic with their lives. Some people lost their loved ones, some lost their jobs, others broke up with their spouses. On the other hand and on the other side of the coin, there are people who f

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