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Why some people don’t care about mission and meaning in their work? Where is that level of consciousness that brings you to that thought? From my personal experience I concluded that it is almost impossible to get to that level of thinking, when you live in a survival mode. By a survival mode I mean that the person hardly meets his or her basic physical needs, which are housing, food, bills. It is very hard to think about changing the world, when you are homeless or hungry,


We are wired to oppose changes. Our brains just force us to go through the same neurological connections all over again as it is so much easier than create the brand new ones. Our soul, on the other hand, is craving changes because its fuel is passion. The feeling that we get is like when you just can’t do this any more, you quit your job, or your relationship, or you move to a different city/country. This would be a burnout of your soul when you keep forcing it to do somethi

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