The term "flow" was introduced by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and means the certain mental state that brings energy, happiness and satisfaction from the work you are involved in. In other words, the flow state makes you 100% focused on work without any effort and you are not tired afterwards, you are just inspired and you can't stop. It is not that easy to get into this, as your work has to be very meaningful to you, it might be your life purpose. It doesn't have to be something

Building an influential brand

I was disconnected from the business I do for the last ten years until this year happened. It is not like I was not passionate about growing it - yes, I was, otherwise, it would not grow, since the entrepreneur's passion works as a fuel to start something. However, I was never too much passionate about cleaning industry itself, I didn't really know how to clean myself. There was a feeling, that I am just doing business, make it grow and this is the whole point and it does not

Cleaning and writing

Recently I found the similar patterns in cleaning and writing. By cleaning I mean not just cleaning but organizing and decluttering the space you find yourself in. As for writing, it became my savior lately. When I write every morning, I clear my mind and structure my thoughts. I feel more focused and devoted, there is no mess in the head. I know my goals, my plans, my feelings, my achievements and failures. As soon as I write it down I get a state of release and clarity. Wh