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Cleaning business. Part 3.

The missing part was the passion. I have been always really passionate about what I was doing. I never really worked in the office climbing the ladder as this was where my degree would place me. When you are on your own, you would not be moving without a fuel. There is no external motivation like a boss who would assign you to do something and then check if it was done. Actually, I had a fuel but just not a long-term one. My fuel was the desire to survive and make money and b

Cleaning business. Part 2.

The life just helped me to create a business model that worked no matter where I was located.. We wanted to move to the West Coast since I was pregnant and we thought it would be a better climate. However, I could not leave my successful venture and I found out the way to do everything remotely playing a role of the intermediary between the client and the cleaning professional. Later, I ended up doing the same from Ukraine and Russia as my ex-husband did not want to stay in t

Cleaning business. Part 1.

If you told me before that I would be in the cleaning industry, I would say : "No way!" I had nothing in my life experience and education connected to cleaning. I got my master's degree in an international financial management while working on my dance studio business. Since I started reading the personal development books from the age of 18, I found out by then that education was not a necessary element for success and I didn't feel like climbing the career ladder, I felt li

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