Four months ago I have started an experiment on myself. I decided I would consciously choose how I wanted my day to look like and then train myself to make it automatic daily actions. I ended up with waking up at 5 am, doing exercises, making myself freshly brewed coffee, learning french through an app, meditating, writing my journal, writing my blog and listening to an audiobook. These all are my first two hours in a day, basically before the life starts. How hard is it? Fra

COVID 19 transformation. Part 2.

One day I realized I can't live like this any more, it is not me and I want to get back and find myself again. I started the process from the thought that I can't change anyone or anything but myself. I am only in control of my mind and my actions. My mind was wandering 24/7 that my boyfriend doesn't make good choices and he is not the right person to be around, but I have feelings and attachment towards him that stop me from getting out of the relationships. So all my energy