I started my business from zero so I had to do everything except cleaning. I did cleaning myself for two weeks in the beginning but I was not successful so I hired other people to do it and focused on sales and customer service. At that time I would not believe someone else could take over customer service, sales, marketing, and business would still exist and stay profitable. It was impossible for me to imagine that someone would work hard to move me closer to my goals. I t

Cleaning business. Part 2.

The life just helped me to create a business model that worked no matter where I was located.. We wanted to move to the West Coast since I was pregnant and we thought it would be a better climate. However, I could not leave my successful venture and I found out the way to do everything remotely playing a role of the intermediary between the client and the cleaning professional. Later, I ended up doing the same from Ukraine and Russia as my ex-husband did not want to stay in t