Four months ago I have started an experiment on myself. I decided I would consciously choose how I wanted my day to look like and then train myself to make it automatic daily actions. I ended up with waking up at 5 am, doing exercises, making myself freshly brewed coffee, learning french through an app, meditating, writing my journal, writing my blog and listening to an audiobook. These all are my first two hours in a day, basically before the life starts. How hard is it? Fra

Good morning

We say "Good morning" to each other every day but is your morning really good? I will share my morning experience with you. I used to classify myself as a night owl for around 15 years. The most important work for me happened at night starting from college. I hated my morning because my favorite thing in the morning was to sleep it in. Later on, when I got a kid, my mornings were devoted to make him ready for daycare and then for school. It has always been the stressful time