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Why some people don’t care about mission and meaning in their work? Where is that level of consciousness that brings you to that thought? From my personal experience I concluded that it is almost impossible to get to that level of thinking, when you live in a survival mode. By a survival mode I mean that the person hardly meets his or her basic physical needs, which are housing, food, bills. It is very hard to think about changing the world, when you are homeless or hungry,


Four months ago I have started an experiment on myself. I decided I would consciously choose how I wanted my day to look like and then train myself to make it automatic daily actions. I ended up with waking up at 5 am, doing exercises, making myself freshly brewed coffee, learning french through an app, meditating, writing my journal, writing my blog and listening to an audiobook. These all are my first two hours in a day, basically before the life starts. How hard is it? Fra


The term "flow" was introduced by Mihály Csíkszentmihályi and means the certain mental state that brings energy, happiness and satisfaction from the work you are involved in. In other words, the flow state makes you 100% focused on work without any effort and you are not tired afterwards, you are just inspired and you can't stop. It is not that easy to get into this, as your work has to be very meaningful to you, it might be your life purpose. It doesn't have to be something

Writing as a tool

Writing this blog for me is of great importance to my personal development. First, I am able to structure my thoughts every morning and organize them in my head. I always analyze and connect things. My brain just never stops doing it. The only difference is that now I am writing it down. It makes me feel relief, some similar feeling to meditation when you empty and declutter your mind. Before I believed you have to be really great, smart, successful to share you thoughts publ

Building an influential brand

I was disconnected from the business I do for the last ten years until this year happened. It is not like I was not passionate about growing it - yes, I was, otherwise, it would not grow, since the entrepreneur's passion works as a fuel to start something. However, I was never too much passionate about cleaning industry itself, I didn't really know how to clean myself. There was a feeling, that I am just doing business, make it grow and this is the whole point and it does not

COVID 19 transformation. Part 3

I had a setting in my mind that since I consider myself to be an introvert, it is okay for me to see a mess around, because I just don't pay attention and it doesn't bother me like it usually works for other people I met. Although I usually noticed the difference when someone else cleaned or organized my house. The problem is that since I underestimated the value of the outer order, I could rapidly turn this back on into the mess. I just did not think it is important as so ma

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