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5 reasons to run

I remember the day when I decided that I should start running. I was resisting it so badly but I did not want to delay this move any more. I went to a running store and bought myself running shoes and running clothes. I specifically asked for waterproof shoes as I knew it would be such a great excuse not to run if it's raining.. and it's raining a lot in Vancouver especially in November, when I started this challenge. I looked good in professional running clothes so it was a

Running your dream

Running is what became a savior for me at the COVID time. I never considered running long distances before. For me running was like a warm-up or jogging but not a complete activity for sure. However, one day I read in some book that there are people, who do marathons just for themselves to stay committed to running, since you have to train regularly to go through the longer distances. I got interested and I love challenges. First month I was using a will power each time to pu

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