I sometimes feel like during covid times I somehow got infected by another virus - virus of transformation. I used to watch news for the first few months of the pandemic. I was scared and in panic, just like everyone. Although it didn’t last long as I realized how much those thoughts affect my life in a negative way. So I decided to focus on things that I can change or have an influence on. My first focus was my body. I decided I need some improvements and I started exercisin


We are wired to oppose changes. Our brains just force us to go through the same neurological connections all over again as it is so much easier than create the brand new ones. Our soul, on the other hand, is craving changes because its fuel is passion. The feeling that we get is like when you just can’t do this any more, you quit your job, or your relationship, or you move to a different city/country. This would be a burnout of your soul when you keep forcing it to do somethi


There is a global problem nowadays, which is distraction. The more civilized country becomes, the more dynamic economy it has and more people distracted as a consequence. We are either followers or leaders. If we don't know our goals in life and don't know what to focus on the next minute, we will be distracted by someone else getting us follow their path. It is great if you consciously follow someone in align with your own dreams and plans but what if you are lost and you ar

COVID 19 transformation. Part 2.

One day I realized I can't live like this any more, it is not me and I want to get back and find myself again. I started the process from the thought that I can't change anyone or anything but myself. I am only in control of my mind and my actions. My mind was wandering 24/7 that my boyfriend doesn't make good choices and he is not the right person to be around, but I have feelings and attachment towards him that stop me from getting out of the relationships. So all my energy

COVID 19 transformation. Part 1.

I would like to start my writing journey with my transformation story. I believe I am not the only one who ended up with the insights and life-changing resolutions and actions after the lockdown due to the pandemic. It looks like the humankind needed this shake to wake up and become authentic with their lives. Some people lost their loved ones, some lost their jobs, others broke up with their spouses. On the other hand and on the other side of the coin, there are people who f