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5 reasons to run

I remember the day when I decided that I should start running. I was resisting it so badly but I did not want to delay this move any more. I went to a running store and bought myself running shoes and running clothes. I specifically asked for waterproof shoes as I knew it would be such a great excuse not to run if it's raining.. and it's raining a lot in Vancouver especially in November, when I started this challenge.

I looked good in professional running clothes so it was a convincing enough action for me to at least go outside the next day to justify the invested money. I uploaded some running app with a coach talking while you are running. I will never forget that first day and her words got stuck in my mind forever. I will probably repeat them many more times in my life to motivate people around me to do the same. She said something like: Congratulations! You are out and you already win, because you are not lying down on the couch, you are outside with an intention to change your life and health. This was the beginning for me in the journey of valuing and appreciating tiny achievements that over time transform into significant accomplishments.

I ended up with 5 reasons for me to run:

  1. First reason was to actually look good, stay fit and connected to my body. I have been dancing all my life and I felt like I am losing my self-esteem and myself, when my body does not look athletic and strong. This is just my feeling, everyone has their own.

  2. Second is my health. I really care about my health and implemented a lot of healthy habits into my life as I understand I would need my health to reach my goals, to uncover my potential and be happy and energized. Runners seem to have healthier hearts and choose healthier life styles to support their hobby.

  3. Third is that overcoming longer distances in running started challenge me mentally. This is what I like a lot. I actually put higher goals in business for this year after I ran my first half-marathon. I just felt like impossible is possible.

  4. Forth is that running can heal you from anxiety and depression. I would summarize my experience in one sentence: The worse I feel the more I run. I come back from a run fresh and with a solution. I used to deal with stress differently. At some point I just chose to drink regularly or smoke hookah. Now I know there is a healthy way to deal with this state.

  5. The last but not the least is endorphins release. Endorphins are chemicals that our body specifically produces to relieve stress and pain. They are also called "runner's high" as you literally feel extremely positive. I found that the longer I run the happier I feel after. I remember my first 5 minutes after run I usually look in the rear-view mirror of my car and feel like I am happier than ever in my life. Those moments are so worth it.

I would talk a lot about running in this blog as it is now my instrument in having better life experiences.

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