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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Body and mind

From my experience, body-mind connection is a requirement for high performance. I was surprised at some point to find out that physical exercise actually supports brain health by increasing the blood flow overall including the flow to the brain, enlarging hippocampus, which is responsible for memory and by strengthening connections in a prefrontal cortex, which is the one doing problem-solving and planning.

This means literally if you want to have that mental focus and productivity at your work, you would need to exercise physically. It doesn’t mean that you will not have it if you don’t as there are other factors. You could be a very intelligent and ambitious person, which would still be able to succeed in what you do without connecting to your body.

However, just imagine that if you find that connection it would go much easier and you will just flow towards your goals, you will have that infinite energy that makes you a superhuman, never tired, always up to new challenges.

Body is our main resource that we need to maintain well so that it can carry us from point A to point B. When there is disconnection: you want something but you are tired, pains and aches are distracting you. You can use your will power if you have a reserve but it will not last long or if it does it can slowly take you to the complete “burnout” state.

Start slow and track your feelings, love your body and make it your main life partner, very supportive and positive one.💪❤️🧠 #bodyandmind #transformation #connection

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