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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Building an influential brand

I was disconnected from the business I do for the last ten years until this year happened. It is not like I was not passionate about growing it - yes, I was, otherwise, it would not grow, since the entrepreneur's passion works as a fuel to start something. However, I was never too much passionate about cleaning industry itself, I didn't really know how to clean myself. There was a feeling, that I am just doing business, make it grow and this is the whole point and it does not matter what industry I am in. When I had a burnout, I was even thinking of building it to a certain level and sell.

I have been a personal development addict from the age of 18 and this time when I was writing down my values, I noticed that my company actually serves to fulfill one of them, which is - the delegation of household activities towards focusing on the life priorities. I kind of sent this message to my customers before but I never meant it as much as I do now. I also organized my space in a more efficient way during COVID breakdown and found out that decluttering my space leaded to more productivity and a conscious approach in everything else. I realized that I actually can change people's lives and convert all that personal development knowledge and cleaning service into a great company with a mission to serve on a deeper level.

I now stopped comparing us with competitors as my company message is very authentic to me and I have endless flow of ideas how to grow the audience and influence and improve more lives around.

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