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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

Woman by the Water
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Catch the wave

Ocean has that magical endless power inside. When you are next to it, you just feel like merging and expanding together. Every time the wave comes, you are given a chance to jump in and you are either bold and brave enough to do it or you are stopped by your fears and you stay groundy. Catching the wave gives you the flow state and speeding you up to the next level.

Ocean is not nice, it is actually tough and daring. You need to tame it as a wild animal by your consistency in passing all the obstacles, by your openness and love. And then eventually it will let you be part of it.

We are just carriers and transporters of energy from the universe. Some people can handle more, some less. We can take it from nature and put it into something meaningful. We are not always able to carry enough to share. Some of us just have energy to support themselves only, to satisfy their own needs and have nothing left to give back, which is fine. As soon as you get to the point of understanding this and feel like expanding, just know it's an abundance of energy in the universe. All you need to do is to be an open carrier.

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