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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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We are wired to oppose changes. Our brains just force us to go through the same neurological connections all over again as it is so much easier than create the brand new ones. Our soul, on the other hand, is craving changes because its fuel is passion. The feeling that we get is like when you just can’t do this any more, you quit your job, or your relationship, or you move to a different city/country. This would be a burnout of your soul when you keep forcing it to do something you don’t really like or passionate about.

When you are at this point, you have no other way but implement changes into your life. The people that know you might think that they don’t know you any more and leave. Let them go as this the sign that they don’t know the real you and they are not your tribe, they just knew the “you” playing some role.

People are actually supposed to be happy and do what they like as this is how they can bring the most value to the world and society. This is the point of living and I think this is our setting to strive for happiness. That’s why it’s necessary to review your life occasionally to check if you are happy and you are at the right seat. If not, change.

Change starts with reviewing your core values and your beliefs. If you have some beliefs that stop you from growing, just assume that they are not there, they don’t exist, experiment and see how your life would be without them. If they prove to be wrong, delete, replace with the ones that move you forward.

Changes are inspiring. You can do whatever you want with yourself, you can pretend to be someone you really dream to be and over time become one.

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