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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Cleaning and writing

Recently I found the similar patterns in cleaning and writing. By cleaning I mean not just cleaning but organizing and decluttering the space you find yourself in.

As for writing, it became my savior lately. When I write every morning, I clear my mind and structure my thoughts. I feel more focused and devoted, there is no mess in the head. I know my goals, my plans, my feelings, my achievements and failures. As soon as I write it down I get a state of release and clarity.

When your home space is a mess, you usually become a mess as well: you can't find what you need, you feel distracted, disgusted and despaired. What is around us just mirrors our inside state.

Our mind is crazy, it can wander non-stop and only structuring your thoughts helps you stop it and focus on something. Especially it is relevant nowadays when we are overloaded with information and so easily distracted by "shiny objects".

My transformation somehow started from outside. I think it actually worked both ways. It started from inside when I decided to work on myself and make myself a better version. That caused me to look around and clean and organize the mess around me so that I get clear on what I am doing. When I organized my space it just caused the much bigger impact than I expected and this is where I got a feeling that once I cleaned my space I got a need to clean my mind space too.

As of now, I keep everything in order because I know it matters and my belief about introverts not being bothered and influenced by the mess around is false. I worked on creating little daily habits of keeping my place clean and organized. I also do journaling and blogging every morning to keep my mind clear.

I don't really care as of now if anyone ever reads what I am sharing here because it is just my tool of self-improvement and it works for me. Maybe at some point I would care if people can relate to my experience and change their lives using my advice. But.. I am not there yet.

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