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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Cleaning business. Part 2.

The life just helped me to create a business model that worked no matter where I was located.. We wanted to move to the West Coast since I was pregnant and we thought it would be a better climate. However, I could not leave my successful venture and I found out the way to do everything remotely playing a role of the intermediary between the client and the cleaning professional. Later, I ended up doing the same from Ukraine and Russia as my ex-husband did not want to stay in the USA and wanted to try his luck back home.

The time went by, we got separated and I went back to the Western world but this time I was getting my degree in psychology in Canada simultaneously balancing on running cleaning in New York and being a single mom. From the day one in Canada I opened a cleaning company and started building the brand new venture using my prior experience in this industry. The first year was not easy but I had the double portion of energy to go through the difficult times and to prove myself I was not a loser even though I failed in saving my family.

The second year left an impression of snowballing effect. My Canadian cleaning company raised to a different level: I had recurring clients, employees, administrative assistants and the revenue was growing each year.

There were challenges due to this growth but overall it seemed to be successful. I was also viewed by others as I was rocking.

But.. there was something missing in this picture.

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