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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Cleaning business. Part 3.

The missing part was the passion. I have been always really passionate about what I was doing. I never really worked in the office climbing the ladder as this was where my degree would place me. When you are on your own, you would not be moving without a fuel. There is no external motivation like a boss who would assign you to do something and then check if it was done.

Actually, I had a fuel but just not a long-term one. My fuel was the desire to survive and make money and be able to provide my son with everything he needs for happy childhood. Sounds like everybody, right? The problem is that before I had a child and cleaning business, I was passionate about dancing and choreography. In my head there was a scenario where you love what you do and make money by doing it. This what made my adult business life miserable as I constantly came back to the thought that I actually hated cleaning and only did it for money.

Until last year.. 2020 and COVID 19.

The prior to that year was my burnout time. I found out later that this state had a name already and other people experience the same. I was at the point where my needs like rent/food/school were covered. I already had a manager to deal with the operations and customer service. My goal was to delegate all those parts and focus on growing, strategy, branding. However, those activity actually require inspiration, creativity and passion. Instead, I was depressed and totally down in my energy level as, probably, because I got used to move in emergency situations and this was a comfort zone so why move out of it.

It took a lot of time to get out by focusing on personal development. On my way to the productive state I clearly reviewed my values, I realized that my business brings one of my values to my clients. I used to say it before but I never lived and felt what I said.

#burnout #passion #values #cleaningcompany

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