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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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COVID 19 transformation. Part 3

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

I had a setting in my mind that since I consider myself to be an introvert, it is okay for me to see a mess around, because I just don't pay attention and it doesn't bother me like it usually works for other people I met. Although I usually noticed the difference when someone else cleaned or organized my house. The problem is that since I underestimated the value of the outer order, I could rapidly turn this back on into the mess. I just did not think it is important as so many big plans were in my head and cleaning was just cleaning, which got me to the point, where I was always stressed about not finding something in my home, having junk in my car on a regular basis and having too much staff that I didn't use and not even was aware of their existence.

One day I realized that I finally want to make changes but I don't really know how. I did not know ho to organize my home the way it would stay always organized, so I googled. I found Marie Condo's Japanese method of home organizing and I started digging deeper into this topic. I usually like to get profound knowledge in everything I get interested in but cleaning was never my topic, it was not just worth my attention, it was too small, until that day..

It would be not me if I did not find a meaning and connect this to other topics. So I did. While I was cleaning and organizing my home, I realized that I have the same mess in my business, in my personal life, in my relationships with myself and my goals. The further I went, the more I started getting addicted to this process, as I felt so much satisfied, when I threw everything I didn't need, found places for the things I needed and knew exactly where every tiny item was placed. I took this as a fundamental project that would actually take me to the different stage in life.

The virus of order spread all over my life and brought me to the point that I found my life mission in my business that I always considered as some temporary money-making opportunity. Over 6 months my life got transformed into a meaningful and inspiring journey. My business story deserves a separate space.

#declutteryourmind #declutteryourspace #organizedhome #personaldevelopment #mission

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