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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Culture is the characteristics and knowledge of a specific group of people. Culture is developed behind any group. I am interested in this concept in the frame of the business. I realized that it is the most important thing in the brand and company building.

The funny thing is if you do not consciously build it by the values you want your organization to follow, it will eventually build it itself and most likely using not the best practices. The reason why is that people themselves by default go negative, procrastinating, pessimistic, being influenced by other toxic people or incidents, unless they specifically work on their mindsets and their habits to stay in a different, more efficient state.

Positive mindset is as contagious as the negative one, so we choose what we want to spread daily. The leader of the company is the heart and the model for others to follow. It is similar to a parent that is always a subject to imitation by his little ones. I don’t compare the team members to the kids , but they just have a similar unknown state of how to act in this group and they subconsciously catch the wave in order to belong.

I admire companies that take time to build culture behind their brand. You can do any service or a product and deliver the message with it by the way you approach your clients and the messages and values you spread within your organization. The successful company with a healthy culture can change people’s lives as every person touched will go home and deliver message to more people. Besides, the team members will be happy, accomplished and productive as we all want to be a part of something good and find the mission in the activities we do in our lives.

Every entrepreneur can change a little bit or a lot of people by building and maintaining a great culture.

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