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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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I started my business from zero so I had to do everything except cleaning. I did cleaning myself for two weeks in the beginning but I was not successful so I hired other people to do it and focused on sales and customer service. At that time I would not believe someone else could take over customer service, sales, marketing, and business would still exist and stay profitable. It was impossible for me to imagine that someone would work hard to move me closer to my goals. I thought I was the only one who had enough interest to push it.

The good thing is that I am very open to learning and I was continuously looking for the information to scale my business and improve it. I have learned about delegation but it sounded like such inapplicable to my business concept. If I delegated more tasks, I would have to pay those people and I would not have enough money to provide for my family.

Although one day I took a risk and hired a full time assistant. Our sales grew from the first month and I realized that delegation made sense.

Over time I felt easier to delegate a task instead of doing it myself. I also started considering the fact that if I do it myself it might take me more time as I might be missing some knowledge or I could procrastinate as there is no person I have to report to besides me. When you delegate, you get things move faster, you have a person responsible for the result with an appropriate set of skills and at the end you reach you business goals sooner and cover for the prior investment. Today, I am a master of delegation, I clearly understand my role in the organization. I am visionary, I build the strategy, culture, concepts but I delegate the implementation of them to my team as I know this is the way to grow the company.

You are not able to see where your business is at and what it is going towards if you are inside the business. You have to take yourself out of it to move it.

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