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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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There is a global problem nowadays, which is distraction. The more civilized country becomes, the more dynamic economy it has and more people distracted as a consequence. We are either followers or leaders. If we don't know our goals in life and don't know what to focus on the next minute, we will be distracted by someone else getting us follow their path. It is great if you consciously follow someone in align with your own dreams and plans but what if you are lost and you are just torn apart by the information around you and eventually move nowhere or lose yourself.

If you feel that way, you should do the following.

1. Stop. Put your life on pause and take a break to review it. The best way if you can take a vacation and go to an unfamiliar to you place by yourself. No partners, please, as they will remind you of your old self and transformation will be a hard thing to do. We need completely different decorations around.

2. Social media fasting. Choose a period (like 21 days, for example) and stay this time without checking social media at all. Just imagine its not there any more and work around this fact. When I did so I had an information hunger and I replaced it with the healthier alternative, which happened to be audiobooks in the topics of my interest that is personal development.

3. Meditations. Meditating is the way to leave your current life without moving physically. You have to get out of your body and look at your life from above so that you can see the whole picture. You also need to dig into your deeper feelings and find out if you have anything that stops you from being happy.

It could happen that you even end up reconsidering your relationships with people around but don't rush to break up with anyone until you feel stable yourself. When you find your happy and complete self, you would be acting differently, and people around will be filtered themselves: some will adjust and grow with you, some will be happy about your improvements and cherish you, some will leave and disconnect. So no work on anyone except yourself. Criticizing others and changing them to fit us is not a good instrument. Model the way you want people to treat you and they either follow your lead and give you back or your paths will go apart.

When you get to your core values and come back to your life fresh and new, the main thing is to consistently water this state by everyday routines. I will tell you more about this practise in a separate post.

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