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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Good morning

We say "Good morning" to each other every day but is your morning really good?

I will share my morning experience with you. I used to classify myself as a night owl for around 15 years. The most important work for me happened at night starting from college. I hated my morning because my favorite thing in the morning was to sleep it in.

Later on, when I got a kid, my mornings were devoted to make him ready for daycare and then for school. It has always been the stressful time - going back and forth in a rush, trying to do it all and not to forget about anything. This is the reason why I really never wanted to wake up. I had 3 alarms: first two were preparing me for that unpleasant moment and the third one was supposed to finally make me get up.

Four months ago I got a feeling that I want to change, I want to be more organized and more ahead in my life. I decided that getting up earlier will be the beginning of the new me because it was the most challenging part and if i get it I can change anything.

I started with research of how much earlier I want to wake up. I found some successful people wake up at 4.30, some at 5, some at 6. I chose 5 am as it is my lucky number. I listened to the audiobook "Miracle morning", I read articles and watched videos in support of my intention. I was really serious and it happened right the next day after the decision had been made. I only put one alarm. I planned what I am going to have as my morning routine and started my experiment.

I ended up with the following: a freshly brewed coffee slow drinking, playing a french learning game, listening to the audiobook, writing a journal, a very short exercise routine, meditation.

It takes me couple hours to finish these activities and these are my favorites, something that I do specifically for myself ( or you can call it a "ME" time). I don't check work emails, I don't reply to the text messages or do any other life activities at this time. I completely changed my belief about the morning. I am now waiting for my morning to come and I wake up 2 minutes before an alarm, which I only use as a confirmation of time. I look forward to have time for myself every day and by the time the real morning starts ( which is 7am for me) with breakfast preparation, household, work, family obligations - I am happy, ready for challenges, clear about my goals and plans for a day, rested, positive. This makes me handle the whole day in a different manner with a different mindset.

I will never go back, I am now a 5am addict.

#goodmorning #miraclemorning #morningroutine #changeyourlife

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