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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

Woman by the Water
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Everyone’s default goal in this life is to be happy, although each soul has its own definition of happiness. Someone is happy with a little, someone is unhappy with a lot. The key is to look for happiness inside, rather than outside. I do not advocate to be happy without setting up higher goals. I still believe that we need to reach our full potential in life but we should be enjoying the process towards the ultimate goals.

What makes me really happy on the way is my vision. I realize how much I can positively influence the world by uncovering my potential and it makes each my move towards that direction so meaningful and I feel complete and accomplished already, which by the way gives me confidence and speed in getting there.

How can you get in the state of happiness? I think it is all about connecting your values, your strengths to what you do, so that you feel that you mean love, when you do your work, you make people around you happy. It’s impossible to be happy if you hurt someone by any means. So love and care about others would be a foundation for your own happiness. ❤️ #happiness

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