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How to declutter your mind?

What does it feel like to have your mind cluttered?

It actually what most of people in civilized countries nowadays normally feel because of overconsumption of goods, services and information. Only small percentage of people got to the point that we need to take time to train our mind to be focused and clear and those people are mostly the ones that get succeed in what they do in life. The rest of population is totally distracted and lost and this is the reason why "decluttering the mind" phrase becomes so popular.

In order to get rid of mental clutter, first, clear your physical space. Set up time each week, not much, whatever causes least resistance and start revision of your stuff. Start small as you will see later that once you finished one category the desire to organize others will grow and go viral in order to bring you that same feeling of relief. Everything you don't need or don't use organize in 4 groups: sell, donate, recycle, trash. Once you have only things that you use at home and only clothes that you wear make sure to keep them by categories so its always easy to find what is needed. Try not to put the items of the same category in different places.

When you are done with your outer space, it is time for clearing your mind. If you want to have only relevant to your life goals information in your head, stop binging on social media and random internet browsing. Social networks are a good way to connect with your communities but it also became an instrument for the businesses to bombard their users with ads and promos. So limit your consumption, set up the limited and tracked time to check what you need there. It is so easy to get distracted and start reading something or buying something unnecessary. Besides, the structure of giving you a feed to read is already set up to mess with your mind. The best way to get information is to clarify the topic and then find a book, an audiobook or a podcast to expand on this topic deeply instead of reading shortcuts on everything and then ending up your day with a mental junk.

To conclude, my advice for today - clear your physical space and stop random information binging.

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