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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Our world is a mirror of our thoughts... Every one of us lives in a different world. I used to say this to people who impressed me by the world they described to me. I said something like “I am from a different world” and then I was observing their WTF reaction 😂 .

Although I mean it. Spiritually, scientifically, emotionally, intellectually. We build our outside according to our inside assumptions, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, experience. We see only what we want to see, we don’t see what is not available in our mind. In science this phenomenon is called availability bias.

It also means that if we consciously change the mind settings and upload something new, we would change the outside world accordingly.

I kind of did this trick to myself when pandemic started. First, I was overwhelmed and fearful and then these feelings exhausted me to the point that I moved to a different world on the opposite side of the universe. I removed my limits and decided to hack my health, my biology, I focused on positive things. While people around me at that time were preparing to the end of the world or end of their life, I was dreaming of launching a new business and running a marathon.

What would you like to see in the mirror? You choose.


#mirror #consciousness

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