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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Why some people don’t care about mission and meaning in their work? Where is that level of consciousness that brings you to that thought?

From my personal experience I concluded that it is almost impossible to get to that level of thinking, when you live in a survival mode. By a survival mode I mean that the person hardly meets his or her basic physical needs, which are housing, food, bills. It is very hard to think about changing the world, when you are homeless or hungry, or you can’t pay your obligations.

On the other hand, there are situations, when this survival hunger in the combination with the passionate visionary personality, can push some idea into life.

Also if you wait until you meet your basic needs, you will be at risk to fall into a comfort zone that will delay your dreams from coming true, as our brains work in a saving energy mode.

Myself, I just found my mission recently. I connected to my business at a different level. We used to be just another cleaning company and I was doing it only because people need it and pay for it. I had absolutely no passion about cleaning itself, I would do anything that would make me survive and provide for my family. But the time went by and our company got out of a survival mode and we reviewed our values. I changed and found a deep meaning in organizing and cleaning the outer space to enhance my own productivity. I didn’t think that would influence my business but it did. I had an insight, I paired up my personal development and my business development -something I would never imagine could happen. I rebranded my company and I became passionate about the message I have. I stopped being competitive and became authentic. My desire now is to spread the message as far as I can and change people‘s lives just the same way I changed mine.

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