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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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The life obstacles to your goals are your power moments. If you pass them, you raise yourself to a different level. I like to compare this phenomenon to the muscle building in the gym or any sports. The rule is if you don't challenge your body, there will be no growth, you would stay in shape but not in a better shape. I am striving for the growth in everything all my life and maybe this is why I have high goals and lots of obstacles towards them.

When you treat the difficulties as the opportunities to learn something and become better - this is what is considered to be a positive mindset. Although I personally think that this is the only way to pass, as being negative does not give you mental clarity to make right decisions and get out of the unexpected situations as a winner.

All the successful people mention that they went through a lot of failures before getting where they are. I believe that failures are there to be our exercises to build ourselves, there is no way around. You can't be strong just because.

To be continued...

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