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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Single on purpose

I recently finished reading the book by John Kim called ”Single on purpose” . According to him, it is not an anti-relationship call, it is about finding yourself first before diving in someone else. We tend to lose ourselves in the relationship if we are not sure who we are and have no self-love developed. I like the idea that we are not halves that fairy tales taught us to look for. We have to be complete before finding a partner, as if we are not, we risk to get caught into unhealthy patterns of relationships.

Humans are wired to be with someone so am I. I am at the point to test myself out . I worked on myself for some time and I am happy with my achievements. My challenge now to get into relationship with a person and stay true to myself. In order to build relationships I used to give up a lot of what I loved and focused on my partner too much. I hope someone understands what I mean and I am not alone on this journey to the balanced life.

Although, I love being single too. This is the best time for transformation and reviewing you setups, values, beliefs. If there is something that can make your life better, healthier, brighter why not consider adding it.

I wonder if I can grow and work on myself the way I do when I am single but be in relationships. My guess is that it depends on your intention and also your partner mindset.

I will track my progress.

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