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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Truth is what helped me to find connection with myself and grow my personality.

We are generally lying to ourselves, it is our default setting as it is more convenient for our brains to live this way. We do wrong - deeply inside we understand it - but we say some lies to make ourselves believe that there is reasoning behind it and it's ok - and if it's ok, then no changes are necessary, which gives a comfort of staying where we are and saving the energy. To conclude, lying is our energy-saving tool. However, it also saves us from living the authentic to ourselves life and jumping into the creative mode instead of staying in the survival one. By the survival mode I mean not a lack of money but a lack of the self-expression and bringing value to the world by our existence.

First, what we need to do is to talk to the voice that is deep inside, that is always sitting there and whispering but we shut it down and find excuses not to listen to it. When people talk about mindfulness, I think, this is that state, when we hear ourselves. Meditations are a wonderful way to clear all the layers of lies and get to the core to find out what we truly need, or think, or desire.

What else helped me personally is the truth and honesty of other people. I noticed a good trend of honesty in the books of authors I read. Probably, the world is overloaded with perfection because of social media images and the folks are depressed and struggling with a low self-esteem after comparing themselves to ideals from the screen. When I read about imperfection of someone who is actually considered to be successful by the society, this is the point when I think that I can do it too, I am imperfect but I can better myself.

That's why I am writing this blog. I know it will never be more perfect time then today to do it and my self-expression in writing will never improve if I don't start doing it.

Another thing I promised to myself is that I will always be completely honest in my communication with others in the form of writing or speaking as my mistakes and my truth can help someone else to realize their potential.

Let's start to be true in social media. I am joining the trend of truth and invite you.

#truth #honesty #trendoftruth #imperfection

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