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“The best way to predict the future is to create it”

Abraham Lincoln

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Writing as a tool

Writing this blog for me is of great importance to my personal development.

First, I am able to structure my thoughts every morning and organize them in my head. I always analyze and connect things. My brain just never stops doing it. The only difference is that now I am writing it down. It makes me feel relief, some similar feeling to meditation when you empty and declutter your mind. Before I believed you have to be really great, smart, successful to share you thoughts publicly and I am not enough yet - maybe I would be when I get older, smarter, more successful. This is a perfectionism barrier that gave me an excuse not to use this wonderful tool.

Second, my English language skills should eventually improve, since English is not my native language. The more I write the better I become. I have been thinking in English for a while now but I still make mistakes when I write or speak. Once I read bunch of books, where authors use very simple language to explain things, I found it very appealing and got confident about trying it myself. My motto now is that I am imperfect and I am happy with that state as soon as I make tiny steps to be better every day.

The last but not the least thing to mention is that I am building my personality and authenticity by writing the truth. Like most of the people, I lie to myself but lately I came to the point that this is a very damaging activity and I should strive for being conscious and honest more often. I admit that the life can easily switch me to the automatic unconscious behaviors but when I am conscious, I take time to build good habits that would hold me in a better state, when I am unconscious. My conscious time is my early morning. I will expand on my morning routine in a later post.

Meanwhile, writing is not for writers, it is for everyone, who cares about being the better version of themselves.

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